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Recommended Reading

VictorianLiving.Com has put together a list of what we feel are the best reference books to the Victorian lifestyle. We hope you enjoy these books as much as we do! They are great resources and make great gift ideas for the decorator or lover of anything Victorian!

From the Victoria Magazine book series:

Christmas with Victoria 2000
"From the editors of "Victoria" magazine comes a handbook of beautiful projects and stunning photos. Includes holiday recipes, table decorations, gardening ideas, heirloom projects, and more."

Christmas with Victoria

Christmas with Victoria 1998

Romantic Country Style:
Creating the English Country Look in Your Home

"Romantic country style implies serenity, classic charm, and cozy comfort. This book shows how to create the essence of this style in any home, with inspiring photos of classic kitchens, relaxed family living rooms, tranquil bedrooms, and country gardens."

Victoria Bath & Beauty: The Fine Art of Pampering

Victoria; The Romance of Hats

iconCalling Cards: Business and Calling Card Design icon icon
"Today calling cards are used almost exclusively in business situations, but in times gone by they functioned as elegant social ambassadors--announcing a caller, or as a request for a visit or a thank you for an invitation. The most memorable cards weren't necessarily extravagant, but creativity and taste were essential. This book displays the most exquisite antique calling cards, along with the best new cards. Color photos."

iconA Home Planner icon icon
"With handy storage pockets in each tabbed section, this beautiful, concealed spiral-bound planner comprises a design section to record decorating choices; a place to record valuables and a resource list; a section to track purchases, service history and maintenance requirements; and a calendar and handy list of seasonal reminders. BOMC Selection. 4 storage pockets. 16 color photos, 13 duotone images. Feature in "Victoria"."

iconThe Business of Bliss: How to Profit from Doing What You Love icon icon
"Business advice especially for women, with profiles of two dozen entrepreneurs who have transformed their passions and hobbies into profitable careers. 150 color photos."

iconVictoria the Charms of Tea: Reminiscences and Recipes icon icon
"This celebration of teatime contains 70 recipes for cakes, cookies, breads, jams, and the perfect pot of tea, along with menus for special occasions."

iconVictoria Romantic Weddings icon icon
"A glorious dream book filled with color photos, advice, etiquette, and style, "Victoria Romantic Weddings" creates a vision of the bride and all that surrounds her as a perfect image to remember always. 200 color photos."

iconBedrooms: Private Worlds & Places to Dream icon icon
"A bedroom should be a unique expression of the occupant, with a sense of welcome. This book focuses on that most personal room and offers readers ideas such as making the most of fabrics and flowers, how to personalize a nursery or child's room, and much more. 150 full-color photos. Size D. 144 pp. 15,000 print."

iconDecorating with Wallpaper: Celebrating the Intimate Home icon icon
"For hundreds of years, wallpapers have embellished the rooms that hold our lives--gilded damasks in formal parlors, friendly cherries in the kitchen, ivy vines in the bathroom, and tender rosebuds in the attic bedroom. This book provides all the guidance and assurance needed to work with wallpaper."

Victoria, the Heart of England : A Journey of Discovery
"Much more than a traditional travel guide, this books speaks with an insider's voice to reveal what's truly the best about England. 150 color photos."

Victoria, Intimate Home : Creating a Private World
"Whether spare or sumptuous, large or small, every home can be made to reflect a sense of warmth and comfort. The editors of Victoria magazine have created this beautifully illustrated new volume filled with ideas on how to turn every corner into a special, intimate space. Color photos throughout."

Victoria at Home With White
"Victoria uncovers the secrets of white--a spectrum of tones and nuances that says everything from freshness, purity, and coolness to intimacy, sophistication, and warmth--to decorate and personalize every room in the home, from bedroom to porch, from walls to floor. 150 color photos."

The Passionate Shopper : Secret Sources for You and Your Home
"Tour with the editors of "Victoria" magazine as they visit salons, emporiums, and boutiques in search of the best in fine fashions, furnishings, flowers, and food. 25 color photos."

Victoria at Home With Roses
"Graceful, romantic, and bursting with color, the rose, both in the garden and in the vase, is the most popular flower in the world. Its resonant charm and beauty has been captured and celebrated in everything from porcelain to portraits. Now, in poetic text and 150 color photographs, Victoria magazine shows readers how to fill their lives with the intoxicating allure of this legendary flower."


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