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Halloween Decorating Ideas

Ideas for Your Halloween Festivities

Here are some great ideas for your autumn and Halloween Victorian decorating and celebrating:


  • Pumpkins, placed on the hearth or around a door entrance, will add a natural touch of autumn to your decor.
  • Scatter decorative silk autumn leaves (bulk packaged, from a craft store) on the hearth, or in a basket placed near the fireplace or front door.
  • A seasonally decorated table is always an attention-grabber: fruit-themed dishes, ceramic decorative teapots, and beautiful seasonal floral arrangements make great autumn table decorations.
  • A lighted garland draped on the fireplace mantle is a wonderful idea that not only works for autumn, but it can remain for Thanksgiving and Christmas, as well. Idea: hang vintage holiday postcards from the garland; the garland remains, but visually changes from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas just by swapping out the vintage cards/postcards.

Victorian Halloween Party Games:

  • On a large pumpkin, randomly carve the letters of the alphabet. A blind-folded guest is led to the pumpkin where he/she points to the pumpkin; the letter(s) pointed out will be the initials of the guest's future mate!
  • On three slips of paper, write the names of three sweethearts and place the papers under your pillow. If you dream of one of the sweethearts, it is assurance that they truly care for you. If you draw his/her name first from under your pillow in the morning, they will be the one you marry!

These and other popular old-time games can be found in HALLOWEEN Romantic Arts and Customs of Yesteryear, by Diane C. Arkins. icon Also available, by Diane C. Arkins, a supplemental HALLOWEEN Romantic Arts and Customs of Yesteryear POSTCARD BOOK. These original reproduction postcards will help you get started with your collection of vintage postcards!

Looking for great vintage and Victorian Halloween decorative items?
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