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Vintage Touches for a Victorian Bath

Bathrooms were just making their appearance in people's homes around the mid 1800's, and by the turn of the century long luxurious baths were commonly enjoyed. Bathrooms were often large because they were converted from unused bedrooms. The size allowed for a more extravagant setting and sometimes included fireplaces, plenty of windows, hardwood floors, and closets that could be used for linen storage.

Some of us aren't so lucky to have such large bathrooms, but if your looking for a vintage touch, it's very simple with these suggestions.


§ If you have a small bathroom, use lighter or pastel colors to make the room seem larger. Oak or wood finish accessories can be added for richness.

§ Add an oriental or patterned rug; a great accent for the floor.

§ Hang vintage photographs or frame old advertisements for soaps, etc.

Click for Larger Image § A metal medicine cabinet will never do! Replace it with an oak medicine cabinet or replace the cabinet with a gilded or wooden framed mirror.

§ Oak or iron towel bars reflect a more antique style.

§ Hang embroidered or lace-edged towels.
 Click for Larger Image Click for Larger Image

§ Add a decorative shelf on the wall above your tub. Drape with a doily and display small pictures, colored glass bottles, or small ceramics.

§ Odd pieces of glass dishes, such as a small bowl or dessert dish, are perfect for displaying decorative soaps and candles. A glass butter dish with a missing cover is perfect for a soap dish.
§ Wallpaper or add wainscoting halfway up the walls and trim with a chair rail.

§ Don't forget the windows! Use antique lace panels for a romantic touch.

And if you're feeling really courageous:

§ Change the fixtures on your sink and tub. Go for some vintage faucet styles.

§ There's no substitute for a claw foot tub and pedestal sink in a Victorian bathroom!






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