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From the Bookshelf ...'s Favorite Books; Highly Recommended Reading!

From the "Victoria" series ...

Victoria - At Home With Roses

"Graceful, romantic, and bursting with color, the rose, both in the garden and in the vase, is the most popular flower in the world. Its resonant charm and beauty has been captured and celebrated in everything from porcelain to portraits. Now, in poetic text and 150 color photographs, Victoria magazine shows readers how to fill their lives with the intoxicating allure of this legendary flower."

Victoria - At Home With White

"Victoria uncovers the secrets of white--a spectrum of tones and nuances that says everything from freshness, purity, and coolness to intimacy, sophistication, and warmth--to decorate and personalize every room in the home, from bedroom to porch, from walls to floor. 150 color photos."

Victoria - Bath & Beauty: The Fine Art of Pampering

This glorious book showcases the bath as the epitome of calm and privacy. Speaking to a woman's desire for a bit of luxury and quiet time, Victoria Bath & Beauty offers hints and tips for creating an atmosphere with the feel of a home spa.

iconicon Victoria - Bedrooms: Private Worlds & Places to Dream
icon "A bedroom should be a unique expression of the occupant, with a sense of welcome. This book focuses on that most personal room and offers readers ideas such as making the most of fabrics and flowers, how to personalize a nursery or child's room, and much more. 150 full-color photos."

Victoria - Blue and White in Your Home
"Beloved perhaps because of their importance in the natural world, the colors blue and white in decoration appear fresh, clean and at once classic and contemporary. This color combination is easy to work with; hues of cobalt, sky, aqua and powder blue (to name just a few) mix effortlessly with whites of many shades. Through informative text and inspirational photographs, Blue & White in Your Home invites you to enjoy the refreshing ambience of this pretty palette."

Victoria - Book of Days
icon "More than one hundred beautiful photographs and illustrations from Victorian writers and poets provide ideas for gift giving, collecting, and gardening."

Victoria - The Business of Bliss: How to Profit from Doing What You Love
"If you thought it was impossible to make money doing what you love, think again. Hundreds of thousands of women do succeed, and you can too. More than any other publication in America, Victoria magazine has celebrated women who have turned their dreams into profitable businesses. In this inspiring new book, their stories come alive to encourage you to achieve your own business of bliss.
Behind every successful woman is a tale of self reliance, persistence, and the joy of following one's heart."

iconicon Victoria - Calling Cards: Business and Calling Card Design
icon "Today calling cards are used almost exclusively in business situations, but in times gone by they functioned as elegant social ambassadors--announcing a caller, or as a request for a visit or a thank you for an invitation. The most memorable cards weren't necessarily extravagant, but creativity and taste were essential. This book displays the most exquisite antique calling cards, along with the best new cards. Color photos."

iconicon Victoria - The Charms of Tea: Reminiscences and Recipes
icon "This celebration of teatime contains 70 recipes for cakes, cookies, breads, jams, and the perfect pot of tea, along with menus for special occasions."

Victoria - Decorating with Wallpaper: Celebrating the Intimate Home

"Lavishly illustrated with more than one hundred color photographs, a manual surveys the textures and colors, patterns and motifs, history, and myriad uses--not exclusive to wall covering--of wallpaper."

Victoria - Designers in Residence / The personal style of Top Women Decorators and Designers

"Behind every beautiful interior is a sure sense of personal vision. From bungalows to city apartments, from a romantic garden house built in a weekend to artistic rooms that are always in progress this book shows how eighteen women designers choose to live-and how they create enriching and comfortable environment."

Victoria - The Heart of Christmas

"Stories, recipes, and home decorating ideas abound in a tribute to the Victorian Christmas that includes photographs of countryside churches, horse-drawn sleigh rides, exquisite Christmas trees, and gifts of love."

Victoria - From Heart & Hand
"A collection of handcrafted projects to brighten the home contains easy-to-follow instructions and detailed step-by-step illustrations and photographs for decorating everything from a picture frame to picnic baskets."

Victoria - From This Day Forward: Creating a Beautiful Wedding/Private Wedding Journal/Boxed
"Two special volumes luxuriously slipcased together and available only as a set. Victoria, the Wedding Book explores wedding traditions and offers suggestions for planning that special day. Victoria, My Private Wedding Journal is a personal diary that includes quotations from famous writers. Full color."

iconicon Victoria - The Heart of England: A Journey of Discovery
icon "Much more than a traditional travel guide, this books speaks with an insider's voice to reveal what's truly the best about England. 150 color photos."

Victoria - A Home Planner
"Home is the place we most cherish--and where we invest most of our time and resources. As any busy woman knows, it can take a lot of energy to maintain a home. The editors of Victoria offer this beautiful planner to make it easy to organize that drawerful of receipts, photos, business cards, and paint chips. With handy storage pockets in each tabbed section ..."

Victoria - The House In Bloom

iconicon Victoria - Intimate Home: Creating a Private World
icon "Whether spare or sumptuous, large or small, every home can be made to reflect a sense of warmth and comfort. The editors of Victoria magazine have created this beautifully illustrated new volume filled with ideas on how to turn every corner into a special, intimate space. Color photos throughout."

Victoria - Moments In The Garden
icon "A tour of some of America's finest gardens features 250 color photographs that capture Pennsylvania's Longwood Gardens, the Garden in the Woods in Massachusetts, and other sites, with information on the history, design, and features of each garden."

Victoria - On Being A Mother
icon "Following the enormous success of A Book of Days, the editors of Victoria magazine celebrate the magical, spiritual, sometimes mystical bond between mother and child. Features wisdom and philosophy from such favorite writers as Eudora Welty, Margaret Atwood, Charles Dickens and more in a beautifully slipcased keepsake edition. Illustrations and photograph."

Victoria - The Passionate Shopper: Secret Sources for You and Your Home
"Tour with the editors of Victoria magazine as they visit salons, emporiums, and boutiques in search of the best in fine fashions, furnishings, flowers, and food. 25 color photos."

iconicon Victoria - Romantic Country Style / Creating the English Country Look In Your Home
icon "Romantic country style implies serenity, classic charm, and cozy comfort. This book shows how to create the essence of this style in any home--even if it doesn't happen to be a cottage in Sussex--with inspiring photos of classic kitchens, relaxed family living rooms, tranquil bedrooms, and country gardens."

iconicon Victoria - The Romance of Hats
icon "The editors of Victoria magazine capture in full color the timeless elegance of hats. Wedding hats, fishing hats, beach hats, hats to wear to tea--all are here, along with information and advice on how hats are made, how to buy and care for them, make old ones new, personalize them, and when to wear them."

Victoria - A Romantic Wedding Planner

"Planning your wedding should be a pleasure, with happy anticipation building up to the big day itself. And A Romantic Wedding Planner is designed to make that possible, with each step hassle-free ..."

Victoria - Romantic Weddings

"A glorious dream book filled with color photos, advice, etiquette, and style, Victoria, Romantic Weddings creates a vision of the bride and all that surrounds her as a perfect image to remember always. 200 color photos."

Victoria - Ways of Flowers

Celebrating flowers for their meaning and mysticism, The Ways of Flowers also offers practical information about your favorite blossoms, with insider's tips on buying, arranging, and preserving fresh flowers, and on creating corsages, nosegays, keepsakes, table settings, and "jewelry" -- your personal accents and accessories.